Dania - an iron foundry in MAT Foundry Group

Since 1947 Dania ApS has delivered well thought out and modern cast iron solutions to quality conscious customers. 

Our main competences are machine moulded raw and machined iron castings, primarily in medium-sized batches. As a natural part of the development Dania also offers surface treatment and machining  from own machine shop.

Dania constantly strives for improvement and to be customers´ preferred supplier and partner. An important factor is motivated, dedicated and skilled employees, who thrive in a good and secure work environment.

The company´s spirit and positive atmosphere cannot be weighed or measured. One can, on the other hand, measure quality assurance, energy and environmental management, areas in which Dania is certified and which contributes to increasing process dependability.

Dania has in recent years implemented a comprehensive investment programme to be at the forefront of the latest casting technology development.

This ensures you receive:

  • High quality
  • Flexibility
  • Punctual delivery
  • Constructiveness
















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